Trimbo's Play Bus 

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1)    Our bus requires one electrical outlet to operate a party. We will run one extension lead (supplied by Trimbo’s) into your house/party venue for power. The cost is very low and is to be met by the hirer.

2)   Upon booking a non-refundable deposit is required of £50 cleared funds. This is non-negotiable. This however books your slot and ensures your party and time.

3)   All outstanding balances are required 14 days prior to the event in full cleared funds. We can either collect the funds or transfer to our bank, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you. If full payment is not received by this time, the Trimbo’s reserve the right to offer your date and time slot to another hirer. Your deposit will not be refunded.

4)   Any cancellation request must be at least 14 days before the agreed date. Any refunds returned to you the hirer will exclude the £50 deposit.

5)   Trimbo’s staff will remain with the bus but it is the hirer’s responsibility ( 2 adults 18+) to supervise children throughout the party.

6)   Vehicle access. Our bus is around 32 foot long, 8 foot wide and 15 foot high so adequate access is required. The hirer must ensure that a clear access route is possible to the location i.e width restriction, weight limits, narrow lanes and low bridges. Any of the above not mentioned by yourselves may result in the bus not being able to access your property/party venue and us not being able to provide you the party.

7)   The bus needs firm level ground to park on with safe access for the children to enter and exit the bus.

8)   There has to be a minimum of 5 parking spaces available at the house/party venue to ensure we can park on site. Also there is no low hanging branches near these spaces to avoid damaging the roof or sides of bus.

9)   The hirer is responsible for any parking charges that may arise for the duration of the hire and is to ensure that sufficient permits/permissions are obtained for the bus to park in its location for the duration of the hire. Any resulting fines or tickets will be directed at the hirer for failing to pay costs and obtaining such permissions.

10) In the highly unlikely event that a party cannot be fulfilled (due to mechanical breakdown or such) all monies will be refunded including deposit or an alternative date will be offered.

11)   No face painting or glitter tattoos are allowed on the bus.

12)  The hirer is to ensure that all members of the party/event leave the vehicle promptly at the end of allocated slot.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the bus. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed:

1)    This is a CHILD’S unit for the use of children up to 10 years of age and a maximum number of 20 children depending on age.

2)   All shoes, badges, jewellery (i.e large earring, necklaces etc) MUST be removed. It is recommended that spectacles are also removed. Trimbo’s holds no responsibility for lost or damaged jewellery or belongings.

3)   Two responsible adults (18yrs +) are responsible for the care, supervision and safety at all times. Trimbo’s staff are there for operation/manage the vehicle and oversee the running of the party.

4)   All children must remove all footwear and must wear socks. Footwear storage is provided on the bus.

5)   We recommend that children have their arms and legs covered to reduce the risk of friction burns from the equipment.

6)   Injured or unwell children will not be able to play on the bus for their safety and of others.

7)   There is no toilets on the bus so hirer needs to provide arrangements.

8)    Strictly NO smoking or drinking alcohol on the bus. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.

9)    No consuming party food on the bus unless it’s been arranged at booking.

10)  We do not accepted responsibility for children with allergies – Please ensure that these children are correctly cared for.

11)   NO ONE should approach the vehicle whilst it’s manoeuvring into position and until the engine is switched off.

12)  NO ONE can enter the bus until Trimbo’s staff invite them aboard.

Hirers Responsibilities

1)    The hirer makes themselves known to the driver on the day of booking.

2)   The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the bus by any member of the hirer group. Also for any damage caused to interior or exterior of the bus as a result of any behaviour that puts safety of others at risk.

3)   Trimbo’s does not accept responsibility for loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributable to reasons beyond the control of the owner.

4)   Trimbo’s will not be responsible for any valuables or other items belonging to members of the group.