Trimbo's Play Bus 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Trimbo's Play Bus based?

Trimbo's Play Bus is based in Colney Heath, Herts, prices are based in a 15 mile radius. Venues outside of this limit are charged a fuel supplement it is of £2.00 per mile (maximium of 20 miles). The reason for this charge is that Wendy is a very thirsty bus who does 5 miles to the gallon.

How much room does the bus need?

Wendy is 32 foot long ( takes about 5 car parking spaces), 15 foot tall and 8ft wide. We need to be able to park where other cars can pass safely and without damaging the bus or other vechicles also have enough room to manoeuvre around. We also need to be careful of low hanging branches or low trees.

What happen if the bus breaks down?

The bus is 32 years old who has been very well looked after but with anything mechanical it can breakdown. If the bus does breakdown we will inform you immediately, we will try and resolve the problem there and then but if this is not possible we will work with you to sort out an alternative booking.

Is there a toilet on board?

There is no toilet on the bus, the hirer is responsible to make arrangements to provide a toilet.

Why do we need a electricity point?

The bus requires a 2 main socket to be plugged into to run the lights, music, air conditioners, heaters and fridges. We will bring the extensions leads you just need to provide the electricity point at the venue.

How do I book?

You can call Emma on 07894500866 or Andy on 07894500929 to book. We will go through all the packages and extras available. Or you can email us on [email protected]

What is the deposit?

The deposit is £50 non refundable with the balance due 14 days before the event. Payments can be made by cash (we can arrange for us to collect it from you) or paid directly into our bank.